In LoL there are six different roles the champions can fulfill. We have listed these roles and we have written about the strengths and weaknesses the champions of each role have. While playing the League of Legend game you have a certain position where you have to stand. At each position you have to fulfill another task. You can fulfill the task only if you have the right strengths and powers. We will teach you more about the powers of each champion role. You have to understand what your task is supposed to do, because other your team will lose.



The support takes his position in Bottom Lane, next to the marksman, also called ADC. Your task is to support, sustain and help protect the marksman. You’ll have to do everything to make sure the marksman stays alive. Because the longer the ADC stays alive, the more kills he can get. You’ll have sacrifice a lot to help the marksman, you’ll have to sacrifice your gold, hitpoints and even your life to save the ADC. You also have another important task, you’ll have to provide vision for your team. Wards are needed to win a game.


The tank takes his position in Solo Top Lane or Jungle. The tank is also called the bruiser. The tank isn’t the most popular in the game. A lot of people think the tank is just slow and doesn’t do any damage. But what just a few people know there are other important things the tank can do. Things you and your team will need when you’ll win this game. As a tank you can soak up damage from other champions, you can heal them a bit. You also help crowd control and stun the enemies ADC. You’re the only person in the team who can do that without getting killed by the ADC. Are you able to get close to the ADC or Marksman? You’ll have to make sure the ADC can’t do you any damage by stun, snare and disrupt them. Your teammates can come and help you beat this ADC.


The marksman takes his position in Bottom Lane. This is one of the most popular League of Legends roles. You can easily impress your friends with this role. The marksman is also known as the ADC (attack damage carry). Are you a marksman? Then you’ll have to kill the other team’s marksman and their other teammates. You have a lot of power to do great damage to the other team’s players. But you’ll have to be very careful! If someone attacks you, you’ll have to build a lot of gold to survive this attack. Because If you get caught by the jungler or bruiser, you’ll often die. You’ll need the support to prevent you from dying.

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