In LoL there are six different roles the champions can fulfill. We have listed these roles and we have written about the strengths and weaknesses the champions of each role have. While playing the League of Legend game you have a certain position where you have to stand. At each position you have to fulfill another task. You can fulfill the task only if you have the right strengths and powers. We will teach you more about the powers of each champion role. You have to understand what your task is supposed to do, because other your team will lose.


The assassin takes his position in Mid Lane or Jungle. The name assassin speaks for itself. Your job as an assassin is to kill or damage high value enemy targets. These targets are the mid lane carry or the enemy AD carry. By damage them or assassinate them, you’re keeping them from getting stronger or doing any damage to your teammates. You can kill your enemies quickly and efficiently as an assassin. By eliminating the strong key targets, your team can easily overpower the enemy team.


The fighter takes his position in Solo Top Lane or Jungle. The fighters in the League of Legend game are used to create great damage to the players of the enemy team. They create the damage consistently, rather than all at once. But next to the damage they can do, they also have defensive powers. The damage of your personage as a fighter will make you a major threat.


The Mage takes his position in Mid Lane. The mages are giving a great amount of magic damage. You can do a lot of damage to your opponents. To make them weak and help your team conquer the other team.

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